Butchery Masterclass

This butchery masterclass is an immersive educational experience that provides participants with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on skills in the art of butchering. These classes are designed to teach the techniques, tools, and principles of butchery.

Our master butcher Simon, will take you through the process of butchering half a pig, you will then be able to take every cut of meat home with you.

During our butchery masterclass, participants typically learn about different cuts of meat, including beef, pork, lamb, and poultry. They gain insights into the anatomy of animals and understand how to properly break down carcasses into primary cuts. Simon will explain the importance of knife skills, precise cutting, and proper handling of equipment.

Participants have the opportunity to practice various butchery techniques, such as boning, trimming, portioning, and tying. They learn how to identify quality meat, assess marbling, and determine the best cooking methods for different cuts. Simon will share tips on flavour profiles, seasoning, and preparation techniques to enhance the taste and tenderness of the meat.

This butchery masterclasses is held in our specialist facilities equipped with professional tools and cutting stations. Participants will work in small groups and receive personalised guidance and feedback.

Overall, this butchery masterclass offers a unique opportunity to develop a deeper appreciation for the craft of butchery, gain practical skills, and learn the intricacies of handling and preparing meat products with precision and expertise.

The price of this masterclass is £200 – Gift Certificates available to buy here

If you require any further information or wish to book your masterclass class call Simon on 01964 67113 or Contact us

This is an adult only course. Maximum time 2hours. 12 month expiry from date of purchase.