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Market and Events

Beverley Market – Every Saturday in the food area on the market – Just near the Grapes pub

East Riding Country Pork East Yorkshire

Humber Bridge Farmers Market – 1st Sunday of the Month – Dog friendly and lots of car parking

NEW – Hull Trinity Market – Saturday 30th June – 10am to 4pm









Recent Event Highlights

May 2018Welcoming our new Butchery Manager – Simon Schofield is looking forward to meeting customers old and new. He is a well known butcher in the area with over 35 years experience in the trade, starting out at the Hull Trinity Market. He prides himself on great customer service.

July 2017 – saw the start of our annual harvest.  When the weather is warm and dry we can harvest the crops which will be stored to feed the pigs over the winter.  This year we have grown oil seed rape for the first time in many years, we have put this crop into our rotation as it has a very strong root stem that helps the soil structure, we also hope that this crop will help with some weed control.  We do not use rape seed oil in our pig feed so this crop will be sold.

We have started our Barley harvest although with heavy showers we are struggling to get it in the shed and the crop is starting to drop to the floor.  We are hoping for a few days of dry weather before we loose our crop.

The pigs do not like the changeable weather either, we have seen some coughs and colds so we are doing our best to help our pigs feeling better soon.

Eric is our new male boar stud on-farm, he has just started to work and coming along nicely.  We hope his young will be just as cute as him.

April 2017 – The warmer weather has seen everything green up and really grow, our spring crops were planted and are now looking well.

Annual application of organic pig manure is being put onto the growing crops, slurry, as it is known is best put on in Spring as this is when the crops are growing and require lots of nutrients.  The land is also dry so the slurry will give much needed moisture to the fields.

Our swallow birds returned ‘home’ on Friday 21st April after their long flight and winter in warmer climates – its good to see they have survive the epic journey and we will look forward to watching them have babies during the summer.

We invited two ladies from Next in Hull (the clothing store) visit our farm to hold new born piglets.  They learned about how pigs are cared for and all of the hard work that goes into rearing pigs.

February 2017 – Love is in the air here at East Riding Country Pork with Love heart Pork Loin Steaks and Well Hung Sirloin Steaks, yummy!

December 2016 – Father Christmas came to see us again, and Eric’s turkey hat once again kept his ears warm and our customers chuckling.

May 2016 – Tour De Yorkshire fever hit us again!  Did you spot the blue and yellow flags and bicycles?!

May 2015 – Tour De Yorkshire Cycle Race – Our little blue bike and ‘Tour De Sausage’ attracted lots of excitement and media attention there was a real buzz in the town however many of our regular customers did not visit us as they thought that parking maybe difficult.  A fantastic atmosphere in the town will hopefully put Beverley in the spot light for tourism.  The Humber Bridge Farmers market seems to be blighted with bad luck, the May market should of been fantastic as it was held on a Bank Holiday weekend however the morning heavy rain put many customers off which was slightly disheartening for the team.  Roll on next month!

October 2014 – Beverley Food Festival – Over 100 stalls gathered in the market place in Beverley and enjoyed a lovely sunny Autumn day at the Food Festival.  All seemed to go well and we sold over 9288 sausages over the whole weekend.

May 2014 – Beverley Market – We saw the official opening of the new look Beverley market place.  After over a year of up heave it was fantastic to celebrate the work and improvements to the market place.  Unfortunately the weather was not at its best although this did not dampen our spirits.

December 2013 – Beverley Market 28th – Final market of the year… in true Kirkwood style we were manning the stall whilst most people were recovering from eating vast amounts of food.  On our final journey home Peter realised a wheel had fallen off the trailer.  Luckily there was no damage and we actually found it in a neighbours garden (whoopsy!)  On further examination it was found that a bearing had broken and the wheel had just flown off!!  What an end to a year.

December 2013 – Beverley Christmas Eve Market – With the van full of orders that had been checked, checked and triple checked we embarked on the final market before Christmas…. when eventually Peter and the butchers can put their feet up with some mulled wine (or stronger) and relax.  Luckily all turkeys found homes and generally we have had a very good farmers market season.

December 2013 – Driffield Farmers Market – A brass band set the scene for this market, which made stall holders and shoppers alike tap their feet and have a cheeky sing along.  We were in a slightly different position to normal as some of the craft stalls had been brought inside the farmers market shed.  Still our customers flocked to collect orders for their Christmas celebrations.

December 2013 – Beverley Festival of Christmas – What a buzz, the market place was thronged with people getting into the spirit of Christmas.  Customers and visitors travelled from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the now well supported Festival of Christmas.  Peter, Eric and Chris donned their Christmas hats and sang along to the Christmas Carols.

August 2013 – Beverley Saturday Market – Both Eric and Peter had a well deserved holiday this month so our young butcher, Chris stood in.  I am sure our customers will agree he did a really good job.  The road works in the Saturday Market place are still throwing challenges each week but we are all working together and it seems to be working out OK in the end.

July 2013Humber Bridge Farmers Market – It was a scorching day, which makes a change!  There were lots of customers stocking up on BBQ necessities, which was fantastic.  There was a great atmosphere helped by the 100’s of motorbikes gathered to cross the Bridge to raise money for charity.

June 2013 – Beverley Saturday Market – We launched the new look banners thanks to Admiral Signs.  We have had plenty of compliments and it now makes the stall stand out in the busy market place.  There are still problems with the refurb of the market

May 2013 – Hornsea Local Market – Angela and Steve attended the newly opened, Hornsea local market.  It was a lovely day and they carried out lots of promotion work.

March 2013 – Beverley Saturday Markets – The horsemeat scandal has made Beverley folk think about the provinance of the food they eat so the market has been really busy.  This month we continued to have some cold wet markets, although with easter and the changing of the clocks everyone is starting to get a spring in their step.  Eric had a weeks holiday (how dare he!!) So Chris stood in for him.  Chris works on the farm although has experience in butchering from school age.  He seemed to be a hit with the customers although he complained of aching hands and arms the following week…. Come on Chris you have to keep up with the pace!

January 2013 – Beverley Saturday Markets – All markets in January 2013 have been wet and miserable, luckily all the market traders rally round and still keep happy.  On the 26th January it was reported the market had been cancelled due to bad weather.  Peter and Eric as always braved the elements and made local news when the reporter inteviewed Peter as he asked all Beverley Folk to attend the market as traders had perishable products that had been freshly prepared.  In good spirits the Beverley people all came to support the ‘hard-core’ traders.  Come rain or shine the weather never deters a farmer!

Christmas Markets 2012:  All of the Christmas orders were delivered to customers the weekend before christmas, luckily all orders were present and correct, the order system worked well this year and all staff put so much effort into making our season successful.  The weather was against us at the Driffield Farmers Market as the show ground had flooded so Jamie and Angela donned their waterproofs to stand out in what were appauling conditions.  Lucikly our customers braved the weather too and all orders were collected.

Festival Of Christmas 2012:  This year brought a change to the layout of the Festival.  We were positioned on the main drag just near the Green Dragon, this proved a very popular position and made it alot easier for setting the stall up.  Thousands of well wishers hoarded into the Market Place carrying miseltoe and mulled wine.  It was a great atmosphere

‘The ONLY place I buy meat – A grade above the others’

Mrs Oughtred, Beverley