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Generations of knowledge and a lifetime of experience

As a young boy I always had a passion for pigs, coming from a large farming family living in rural East Yorkshire my father was a poultry farmer. Every night I would rush home from school to do chores on the farm before heading to the neighbours pig farm to help him out too.

It all started some 50 years ago when my father invested in ‘the farm next door’. This is when I setup business as a passionate pig farmer. As a young lad I went to the Beverley Livestock Market with my dad and bought my first pregnant pig…. and that is where my business started.

In 1983 pig farming was going through a depression so I bought a 200 hectare farm in the nearby village of Aldbrough.  This has enabled me to control the full farming process from growing the crops in the fields, producing the grain to feed the pigs and in-turn the manure is then spread back onto the fields as a natural fertiliser.

Now in my 60’s I find it exciting to be passing a lifetime’s worth of knowledge onto my family. My three daughters are involved with the farming enterprise and I am very proud to have them on board.

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‘I love to use ERCP local meats whilst cooking new recipies, yum’

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