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Sustainable Farming

We are very passionate about the environment we work in and believe that it is vital to ensure that it is maintained for future generations.

2017 Spring Watch, Swallows returned home 21st April!

2016 Spring Watch, Swallows returned home 19th April, Yellow Hammer spotted at the back of the farm 4th May, the postman spotted a Hoopoe on the farm drive.

2015 Spring Watch, Swallows returned home 14th April 2015, Cuckoo first heard – Sunday 3rd May 2015

From September 2015 5% of our total land area is set aside each year for the environment and wildlife.

Our farm is assessed by the Environmental Permitting Regulations, these are the toughest of regulations that ensures we do not emit any ‘nasty’s’ into the atmosphere (known in the industry as IPPC/EPR).  Our farm buildings have specialised ventilation systems, and we have plans in place to reduce raw material, energy and water useage year after year.

We are very aware that fossil fuels are running low and believe that the responsible thing to do is turn to renewable energy to power parts of our farm.  We are members of energy schemes such as the climate change levy and we are working towards being self-sufficient through the use of wind energy and solar power.  Thanks to Dodds our arable farming enterprise is now supported by Solar Power.

A 500kwa EWT wind turbine was commissioned in August 2014, this will provide power for all of the pig farm.  This investment marks our commitment to future sustainability, employment and growth.

All of the muck our pigs produce is put back onto the land as a natural organic fertilizer to help the crops flourish and grow.  We then mill the corn on-farm to produce feed for the pigs.

A perfect sustainable farming cycle

‘All the produce we bought at Christmas and throughout 2013 was lovely – our boys know it has come from ERCP!’

Dennis Warner – Beverley & Humber Bridge Market