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Taste & Tradition at its Best!

Simon, Steve, Mike and Eric are at the forefront of the butchery team and are aways happy to advise and suggest on cuts of meat and cooking methods.  They strive for great customer service and quality using traditional butchering skills, methods and recipes to produce a deliciously flavoured range of meaty delights.

Simon Joined ERCP in 2018 as manager, he has more than 35 years experience in the butchery trade, starting as a lad at the Hull Trinity Market. He prides himself on fantastic customer service and having great ‘banter’ with the customers.

Steve also joined us in 2018 with many years experience working at a farm shop and butchers in nearby Hornsea.

Mike Westmorland has been in the butchery trade most of his life, he owned his own shop in Keyingham and also helps with Hog Roast catering events.  He specialises in making sausages and is the mastermind behind all of our different flavours.

Eric has worked for us for a number of years, also with a slaughtering background, Eric is a machine in the Butchery and is responsible for all of the initial cutting up of pigs, he puts together the catering orders  and you will see him most weeks at the Beverley Market on a Saturday.

Part time helpers include Peters daughter, Rebecca, who has a keen eye for detail and quality control, she also organises the Pork Sausage Tours and oversees the office work. Sue is a local farmer who helps each week to get everything ready for the weekend markets. June also helps out from time to time.

The butchers shop is located just a few miles from the farm. We feel it is important to support local business so wherever possible we use local suppliers, staff and ingredients.

Bacon is dry cured on site and sausages are traditionally handmade and linked by the team.


‘“Excellent evening, very informative, friendly atmosphere and a superb buffet!”’

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