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1 day old piglets getting mothers colostrum so they grow healthily, heat lamps and bars keep them warm and safe
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About East Riding Country Pork

East Riding Country Pork is a premium pork brand founded by entrepreneur farmer Peter Kirkwood in 2000.

We have been rearing pigs on our farm in Yorkshire for over 50 years.    In 2000, we took the decision to diversify to supply premium pork products direct to the consumer.  Our business is very much a family business with Peter’s three daughters directly involved in the business.

Field to Fork

We provide our customers with a high welfare, fully traceable products produced to the Red Tractor Farm Assurance standards.  To ensure the high standards of our quality pork products, we take full responsibility for the whole process from pig rearing, to the growing of cereal crops which enables us to mill our own pig feed, through to the final processing stages of the meat product and direct sales to our customers.

We are very passionate about sustainable farming and believe that it is vital for future generations A wind turbine and solar panels produce the electricity for our farm and we actively encourage wildlife to our farm land.

Today, we supply Beef, Lamb, Poultry, Duck and Game, which are all sourced as locally as possible and are hand-selected by our dedicated team of butchers.

Using time-honoured skill and regionally based recipes, we aim to re-awaken consumers to the truly delicious taste of traditionally prepared local meats.


We hope you enjoy our East Riding Country Pork range.
Peter Kirkwood – Farmer/Proprietor of East Riding Country Pork