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Recent Events on the Farm

July 2017 – saw the start of our annual harvest.  When the weather is warm and dry we can harvest the crops which will be stored to feed the pigs over the winter.  This year we have grown oil seed rape for the first time in many years, we have put this crop into our rotation as it has a very strong root stem that helps the soil structure, we also hope that this crop will help with some weed control.  We do not use rape seed oil in our pig feed so this crop will be sold.

We have started our Barley harvest although with heavy showers we are struggling to get it in the shed and the crop is starting to drop to the floor.  We are hoping for a few days of dry weather before we loose our crop.

The pigs do not like the changeable weather either, we have seen some coughs and colds so we are doing our best to help our pigs feeling better soon.

Eric is our new male boar stud on-farm, he has just started to work and coming along nicely.  We hope his young will be just as cute as him.

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Welcome to East Riding Country Pork

We are a premium pork farmers and sell direct to the consumer.  Proven to have the tastiest Pork on UK supermarket shelves we hope to reawaken our customers to fantastic tasting Pork products.

Entrepreneur farmer Peter Kirkwood established his business in 1965 and has been been passionately rearing pigs on his farm in Yorkshire for over 50 years. East Riding Country Pork was founded in 2000 with the aim of reawakening consumers to fantastic tasting pork.  Peters three daughters Rebecca, Georgina and Angela are all directly involved in his growing farm and butchery business.

Field to Fork

We grow crops in the fields, mill bespoke healthy diets for the pigs and grow all of our pigs on our farm here in East Yorkshire.

Our farm is Red Tractor Farm Assured which provides our customers with high welfare, safe and fully traceable food.

We farm with a very low carbon footprint, producing our own electricity by harvesting the wind and sun.  We are very passionate about farming in a sustainable way and believe that it is vital for future generations

As guardians of the land we actively improve wildlife habitats, soil and protect water; find out more here

More than just Pork

Today, we supply Beef, Lamb, Poultry, Duck and Game, which are all sourced as locally as possible and are hand-selected by our dedicated team of butchers.

Using time-honoured skill and regionally based recipes, we aim to re-awaken consumers to the truly delicious taste of traditionally prepared local meats.

We hope you enjoy our East Riding Country Pork range.
Peter Kirkwood – Farmer/Proprietor of East Riding Country Pork